Gold medals: Megas Oenos 2010,  Moscofilero 2014, Saint George, Aghiorghitiko 2012


TEXSOM’s newest endeavor, the continuation of the wine competition founded by Rebecca Murphy,

is now supported by 68 judges, 28 sommelier panel members, more than 50 volunteers,and a staff of 8
working together to present the nearly 3,600 entries. Your participation resulted in this year’s Awards presentation of the largest and most diverse selection of wines in the history
of this competition. We truly had the breadth of the wine world represented at the Awards.

Congratulations on your Award Winning Wine at the TEXSOM International Wine Awards!


Wine                                                                                 Appellation                                            Award
2010 Skouras Megas Oenos                                         PGI Peloponnese                                  Gold
2014 Skouras Moscofilero                                            PGI Peloponnese                                  Gold
2012 Skouras Saint George, Aghiorghitiko                PDO Nemea                                           Gold
2010 Skouras Synoro                                                     PGI Peloponnese                                  Silver


James Tidwell MS CWE                  Drew Hendricks MS CWE                Rebecca Murphy
Co-Owner and Producer                 Co-Owner and Producer                  Founder



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