We wish you a pleasant browsing.  Below are some information to assist you further while browsing:

In our digital cellar you will find old vintages, rare bottlings and collectible wines. These bottles are not available in the market, but you can buy them in our digital cellar or in the winery.

Below are some instructions for wine lovers who now starting to collect old vintages, in order to enjoy the best expression of the wines:

During storage the correct environment to keep a bottle is a place with steady temperature and no light. You also have to avoid moving or shaking the bottles.

At least 4 hours before you consume the wine, the bottle must be upright. You will enjoy the wine better if it is at the right temperature (whites at 11-12 and reds at 18-20). When the bottle is opened we suggest you to let the wine breathe for at least half an hour. Be careful when serving for any sediment! The sediment is the solid residue created by the passage of time in the wine, it is not a mistake and it is normal to have it in an old vintage bottle.

All you have to do is to avoid shaking the bottle while serving. You can use a strainer and as soon as you see that the sediment starts to come out, stop serving. If you follow the instructions correctly, the sediment will appear towards the end of the bottle. For food lovers we would suggest making a nice sauce with the sediment.

When tasting the wine you will find that its color has changed. In white wines over time the color changes to gold or amber, while in red it changes to brown or tile. The fruit of the wine ripens and often appears more like jam or dried or even cooked. Aromas now tend to be closer to characters such as tree leaves and wet soil, while tannins in the mouth are softer than what they used to be.