One of the most long living ambassadors of Greek wine, is Moscofilero. A pink skinned grape, giving light bodied, easy drinking whites, with high acidity and very aromatic.  (If you haven’t tried it, think something similar to Muscat)

It was two years ago, when George Skouras, one of the most beloved winemakers of mine, decided to experiment with a totally different approach to Moscofilero’s traditional vinification.
Instead of emphasizing to aromatic (over)intensity and light body, he aimed to something not so aggressive, but very complex. After all, maybe the most elegant wine of its kind ever!

To do so, the single vineyard planted with the rare Mavrofilero clone (Nemea region, Peloponissos), and the bet, was to utilize grape’s wild yeast.

Tasting Notes: Light color, almost transparent with light gray hue. Nose of medium intensity, presenting in forefront the green character of the grape (lime, grapefruit, green apple and citrus) along with some melon. The typical floral aromas are also there in less extend demonstrating roses (trade mark of variety) and jasmine, but in such quantity and clarity to make it highly complex and more elegant than usual, reminishent of good Gewurtztraminers and Muscats of Alcace.

Great acidity and medium body (‘blame’ the lees for that). The finish is something less than medium, with refreshing citrus, floral and sweet tropical flavors. Lasting is the only real issue to this wine, but i have the feeling it will improve in the following vintages.

Great on it’s own (only 11,5% alc), but will pair nice with oysters, salads, light summer dishes, and above all, grilled Aegean sea, red mullets!

Grape: Moschofilero 100%
Alcohol: 11,5%
Retail price in Greece: about 10 euros / 13$
Score: 88
Value for money: Very Good
Winery website: www.skouras.gr

September 9,2013 by Stavros (WineOctopus) in Greek, Wine Reviews

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