Ted Diamantis met George Skouras in 1991, in Greece, and together they forged an enviable entrepreneurial bond; a bond that is patiently maturing, very much like a well-made wine, ageing silently in the cellar. And just like the journey of a diamond is an arduous and complex process, so is the journey of Diamond Wine Importers (based in Chicago, Illinois) and Ktima Skouras, through countless trips and, of course, wine-making and wine-selling stories. Skouras, Diamantis, their frequent flights and their flights of knowledge, experience, exploration and awareness, encompass the challenging aspects of composing and distributing the Skouras wine portfolio in the formidable US market.  
From our point of view, we could not have ‘mined’ a more valuable diamond in Diamantis: for him nothing is a lost cause, no state of the United States is left unturned, no wine buyer too difficult. And so our portfolio becomes recognized, acknowledged, and popular wherever he goes around his immense country. His is a relentless pursuit: making sure that as many Americans as possible try out, learn and appreciate our honest work over here through his tireless work over there. The miles, the words, the meetings, the wine tastings, patience, more patience For this and for all the vintages of problems and solutions, fun facts, technical expertise and confidence in our work and his, Diamantis is a very rare diamond indeed: a Greek-American treasure – ours and, of course, yours!

 Diamond Wine Importers is the sole US importer of Ktima Skouras wines since 1992.

In the interview that follows, Ted tells his wine story. It is a most interesting narrative.

Ktima Skouras, August 2018

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