Domaine Skouras celebrates the 200 years since the Greek revolution with a collectible wine bottled with 21 vintages of Labyrinth

Domaine Skouras, honoring and celebrating the 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 1821 has created an authentic collecting experience. This is a high-aesthetically, handmade, numbered case. A book with 21 Stories from the memoirs of General Makrygiannis together with a bottle of a unique wine called “21 years”.

An anniversary bottling inspired by the Labyrinth, where consecutive years of “Megas Oenos” were blended, starting 21 years ago to prepare for this great celebration. A limited number of Labyrinth bottles, where its’ 21 years (1999-2020), aged in ideal conditions, are ready to honor, to give breath, to inspire and to release the taste of patience…of the Revolution… of Freedom.



It is, therefore, a great undertaking of Domaine Skouras, an attempt aimed at discovery; the one that brings us closer to our origins, lets us reflect on the past and envision the future, and composes our national identity. The book will allow the reader to enjoy the original “unpolished” speech of General Makrygiannis and the wine, deep red, at the same color as the blood-stained revolution, invites us to discover the various years of which it is made. Mature but also young at the same time with strength and complexity gives us the feeling that it will last forever. Both the wine and the celebration.

In this way, Domaine Skouras celebrates the prolonged process of ageing wines and events and invites us to live and taste these moments together.

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