2020 is a year that we will keep remembering it for many years. However, it is also the year that Domaine Skouras released the 30th harvest of a great wine. MEGAS OENOS 2016.

In 1986, George Skouras presents his first wine. Megas Oenos is the wine that changed the wine map and played a leading role to the development of Greek wine. It became the multi-awarded wine of Greece, the wine of special family moments, the wine that highlights the Greek terroir and holds always a place in the wine lists of famous restaurants around the world.

Domaine Skouras celebrates thirty years of effective work and excellent collaborations because everything in wine is a matter of conjunctures and coexistences; Greece and the sun, the stones and their stumps, the grapes with our intuition, George Skouras and his team, our flagship wine with the evolution of modern Greek wine.